Monday, July 15, 2019

Oriflame OnColour Cream Lipsticks – brighten the summer up!

It passed so long since I used a creamy, not matte lipstick. The world needs to remember there are other types of lipsticks too. And the OnColour line by Oriflame has so many shades to choose from. Summer is the moment to show your bubbly personality and test new things. And, of course, be more colorful.

That is the purpose of the OnColour line, to express yourself freely and enjoy color. Sure, nudes are gorgeous, but we have been wearing them for so long. And they cannot stand near the red lipstick legend.

Back to our subject, the three shades I possess are Deep Red, Clover Lilac and Bright Pink. They are very different and suit a wide range of both age and skin type. The whole line has 20 shades and I think you have plenty summer boosters to cheer up your summer.

When I first saw them I was a bit reluctant due to the package. Flashbacks of the Miss Sporty lipstick came and I was scared I would often lose the cap or worse, it would break. The past is the past and these cream lipsticks from Oriflame are nothing like that. Even though the plastic may seem cheap, it is resistant and the cap holds on the rest of it perfectly. I even have a small grin of satisfaction every time I close it and I hear the click. Another thing I respect about the package; a thing you I have complained about in the past on other products is the writing on them. It’s such a turn off when it fades away. But good news, with these lipsticks I didn’t have to worry because even after my bag’s test, they lasted completely.

When it comes to the formula, it is pigmented and the colors are strong, what you see is what you get. It is very easy to apply them, you have to be careful about the edges, but it goes smoothly altogether. My lips are very dried recently so I can’t tell very well if they are bad from this point of view. The thing that is sure is that it didn’t make my lips worse.
Speaking of resistance, they do last longer than a few creamy lipsticks I had before, but it’s a cream lipstick after all. You shouldn’t expect it to last all day. That’s why it’s important that applying it is easy.

Deep Red
Bright Pink
Clover Lilac

Would I use it again? There is a kind of shade I had been looking to try, they call it Apricot Coral and because I have tested these three shades, I have now an idea of how it should be and look on my lips. They are fun to use and the price is super affordable so I can’t see any reason why you should not brighten this summer up.


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Oriflame OnColour Nail Polish - why haven't we talked about nail polish before?

An important topic we are beginning to talk just now is nail polish. We thought we should share the nail polish we use the most. I haven’t used gel before; in fact next week I’m doing my nails for the first time. With nail polish, however, I have experience so I’m going to share with you what are the products I’m using right now and what’s hot on the market.

Oriflame has launched a new, colorful line, which fits perfectly the summer with 15 shades and 5 shimmery delights. They vary so much, it will be impossible not to find something to suit you. The shades I have are Vivid raspberry and Cherry Burgundy, the last one being part of the shimmery sub-unit.

The package is simple and clean and with 5 ml it will last you enough not to get bored. Honestly, I don’t know why some nail polish has more than that, it makes me bored to know I have it for so long and it won’t finish already. Also, we all know time is not only aging us, but products too and after a while the products doesn’t work the same. The brush is thick enough to make applying very easy.

I’m not a fan of double layers except if the nail polish is really pretty. Usually, I put a good amount and work with it and if I’ll be careful enough to let it dry properly then everything goes according to plan. I got really lucky because these colorful little miracles match my laziness. I applied only a thick layer and they were good to go. In the pictures you’ll see them and even without a top coat they look good. However, I would advise to use a top coat, it makes them last longer and protects the color.

Vivid Raspberry
Cherry Burgundy

Another thing to appreciate about the formula is that it evens out and gives the nail a smooth, clean look. They dry out pretty fast so you don’t have to be worried you’ll ruin it. Excuse my cuticles; I am now using a nail treatment that is drying out any skin around the nails.

Would I use it again? Yes. Nails are important and having a nice manicure gives us confidence so it’s important to balance quality with playfulness. This line has so any shades to choose from and another two have my attention; these are Juicy Peach and the mysterious Shimmery Mulberry. Like I said before, it’s nice to have options, and when you  have good options, you can have them all.


Sunday, July 7, 2019

L’Oreal Paris Hydra Specialist

Bought this in the spring if I recall correctly and it has been integrated in my routine ever since. It’s dedicated for mixt and normal complexion. Vitamins E and B5 are meant to protect the skin from external influences and maintain a high level of hydration. More important than this is that it contains UV protection.

It is more expensive than other face creams, but it’s not over the top. I like it and I’m normally very picky picky. The package is nice, white and heavy. It looks and is little and it only has 50 ml, but when you hold it in your hand is heavy. Maybe I should practice more. A sport, not shopping. Anyway, I have nothing to complain about the design; I actually like it very much.

When it comes to the results of applying it, I usually use it in the morning. The smell is also one of those I tolerate. I’d rather not use something if I don’t like the way it smells. However, describing smells is difficult. The cream smells like mint and honey, but that’s just my opinion.

It can be applied very easily and it’s absorbed the same way. Haven’t had any problems with it. It smooths the skin and leaves it plump and hydrated. The effect lasts until the evening. The thing I appreciate about it is that now it is summer and even if my face gets a little sweaty for the heat or running after the bus, it doesn’t become shinny or uncomfortable. And that’s a major plus.

My skin tends to be a little oily at times and it’s like anything I put then doesn’t help it. This cream hydrates it and doesn’t make me hate it. Maybe because the level of hydration is above minimum, it makes your skin hydrated in the inside, that I don’t mind it. And if it’s so comfortable on my skin, I can’t imagine how nice would it fit someone with normal skin.

Would I buy it again? To be honest, I would buy it again. There were others from the same line so I would definitely like to try those. However, because I had such a comfortable and relaxing time with this one, I don’t see problem in using it again. It fitted and solved all the problems I had recently with my skin, including not be hydrated enough, stress and city pollution. Well, it didn’t solved pollution, but it helped me face it better. Did you notice it, to “face better”? #mylamepuns

Take care of yourselves and have fun, it’s summer after all.