Monday, July 30, 2018

Cien Tropical Summer Exfoliating Shower Scrub

It gives a negative feeling to start with the disadvantage, but the major flaw of the products I am going to talk next is that they are summer limited edition. Guess the saying is true, good thing don’t last long. Looking for some shower scrubs, I stumbled upon these and I can easily say destiny was in a good mood.

There three types of the Cien Exfoliating Shower Scrub and I bought two of them: the Fresh Watermelon and the Pineapple Paradise. The other one that I saw available was the Tangerine Splash. The first I bought was the one with watermelons scent and it was as it says on the package: ‘’ it will make you want more’’. Always thought that when they write on the products that they will fill you with cheerfulness it is all a lie, but this product proved me wrong. So the next day I rushed to the store and bought the pineapple scented one.

These scrubs give you an unforeseen possibility. Have you ever in your life wanted to be a fruit? Cause these products makes you feel like you could. Do you want to be a watermelon or a pineapple or a tangerine? No problem. That’s how scented they are. At first I was a bit reluctant because of an accident I had with one of Cien’s shower gel with yellow watermelon scent that made my skin itchy. Thankfully it was a single incident, my mother even bought the same type of shower gel again and nothing happened after using it.

The formula is also colored, red or yellow, depends on the one you bought. It contains little particles to help with the process of scrubbing. The tubes are containing 400 ml of product and the package remembers me of the hair conditioner Cien has, it is kind of the same tube, just different coloring.  It made me remember because of one aspect, when you squish it too much, it leaves the tube looking deformed.

The level of scrubbing is medium to high but the great aspect is that it doesn’t make your skin too dry. After applying it also gives a nice amount of foam as the particles are dissolving. You just have to rinse thoroughly and you’re done. The smell even lingers on your skin for a while. Despite how great these products are, I wouldn’t use it on daily basics because they could make your skin dry.

-          Have a very strong, fruity smell;
-          Scrub well and the foam helps cleaning as well.

-          They are only summer limited edition;
-          Over usage can make your skin dry.


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Miss Sporty Wonder Smooth Lipstick

Walking in the shop to buy something, I get out with three to five products than I originally intended. This happened to you too at least once; it’s not a reason to be ashamed, especially when one of the things I bought are these cute and girly lipsticks. Miss Sporty has always provided this kind of look, that make you feel like a teenager girl all over again. But is the quality upgraded or a past issue as well?

The shades I bought are 600 Coral Power (the first one on my hand) and 102 Super Rose. The package is really sweet and girly, but the caps are from a fragile plastic. It gives you a feeling of concern because I’m sure that if you drop one by mistake it could break.  I’ve had in the past products from this brand and especially with lip-glosses and lipsticks; the inscription on it tends to fade away which doesn’t give an aesthetic vibe at all.  Make-up is for making faces beautiful, but the product should also be a pleasure to the eye. The smell is very appealing, some combination of fruits with a bit of caramel which give a vibe of playfulness.

The formula is creamy and hydrates your lips beautifully. However, I don’t recommend putting many layers because it will gather up on your inner part of your lips. And the thing that urges you put much product is the fact that the lipsticks are not very pigmented. The 600 Coral Power shade is a bit more visible on the lips and has a nice, fit for summer color. The 102 Super Rose shade, on the other hand reminded me about the Etude House lip tint, PK006 Jewel Red. It has the same shimmery look with a little pink undertone. It could be used better to top coat another shade, one more powerful. Or you can use it as it is for a more natural look.

They don’t last for a long time, but the coral lipstick stood on my arm little longer than the other one. And maybe because of the creamy formula, but you feel as if it’s going to disappear any moment now. With all the hysteria now with the matte lipsticks, even the ones with bold colors, compared with that, those seem made for little girls who don’t want their make-up to be seen too much. Make-up should not draw attention to itself, but to the parts it’s emphasizing. Considering that, these lipsticks aren’t that bad. They take care of the lips and give a natural and joyful look.

Both of them have a shimmer in them and while for with the Super Rose shade it works almost perfectly, I feel that the Coral Power shade could have managed better without it. It is a beautiful color, but the glow is a little too much for me.

-          Creamy, easy to apply formula;
-          Smells very nice;
-          The package looks playful and girly.

-          They don’t last long;
-          Can gather up on the lips if they’re applied too much;
-          The shimmery vibe can be seen as old-fashioned by some.


Avon Advance Techniques Treatment Mask with Moroccan Argan Oil

Over the years I tried many hair products from Avon and the thing I can say for the certain is that even though you don’t see an effect suddenly, they tend to work if you stick to them. My hair grew over the past year and I’m eager to find something that can take care of it properly. There are out there cheap alternatives to everything, but when it comes to hair, I strongly suggest you don’t make a budget. Your hair is worth investing.

The treatment mask I purchased from Avon is supposed to make your hair glow with the help of pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E and, of course the argan oil which became more than a trend among hair products because of its useful proprieties. When you are in an emergency situation, you can easily put together two types of oil, it could be coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil and make a great mask. There was a time I had great hair because I was using a mask like that. The only disadvantage is that you have to apply it at least two times a week and leave it to settle in your hair for two hours. So I gave into temptation of modern products which promise fast repairing.

There are mask out there which don’t require rinsing that much, which mark their effect on the hair rapidly, but this one is not one of them. You need to rinse after applying it for 5 minutes. Now let’s talk about the time for applying any hair mask. Normally, for a face mask, it takes 20 minutes to have its effect, how can a hair mask do its thing in only 5 minutes and after is rinsed thoroughly? The thing is it depends on the formula. This product in particularly leaves your hair beautifully nourished as it says.

It didn’t make my hair shinier, but it made my hair healthier. The substance smells nice, gives you that winter warmth feeling even though it’s not a winter edition at all. The 150 ml package will last you, but it surely depends on your hair length.

This product is silently acting so don’t panic if you don’t see a consequence of using it right away. It took a while for me too to see its effects. Another suggestion for using it is that you apply it equally on all your hair. Personally, I don’t apply that much product on the roots because it tends to thicken my hair; instead I put a good quantity on the ends, where the most damage is. Guess even application depends on the type of hair.

-          Leaves your hair soft and nourished;
-          It is very affordable;
-          Smells really nice.

-          Can make your hair greasy if you keep it too long on your hair;
-          It takes rather long to rinse it off.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cien Waterproof Mascara Push Up!

For someone who has been wearing glasses her entire life, mascara is problematic. There were years when I simply didn't wear it or I would put like two applications that can't be even considered a full layer. My former mascaras were bought from Chinese stores and lasted me a year one. In other words, I was a disaster. But the enlightenment came from a mascara I bought at one of those stores which was pretty good. In that moment I realized that maybe not all mascaras are unsatisfactory and some could actually work.

In fact that mascara was actually pretty good, it made my eyelashes very long. But, you see, even at a what seems to be a simple product like mascara, there is more about it. And having long eyelashes isn't always good. You may not think that too, but for me is a burden because they will stain the glass of my eyeglasses. Having thin lines on my glasses not only prevented me from seeing perfectly, but also reminded of that movies with convicts and gratings.

The product I bought from Lidl is Cien's Waterproof Mascara Push Up! with the only shade available: black. From what I have seen in the store over a long period of time, it doesn't seem there is another shade available at all. The blue container with the pink logo makes it look very adequate for summer even if it is not only on the summer limited edition. It has 10 ml of product and a fluid formula which will last you a while, depending on how much often you use it.

It writes on the product that it is waterproof, but after some time a thin, black layer settles on the lower lash that clearly doesn't belong there. It's a shame because the rest of the product last very well after you wait a little bit for it to dry. 

Another thing that drawn me back from this product is the lashes’ lengthen. It does makes you feel like you have more lashes, but it doesn't really create the illusion that they are longer. Maybe this happens because of the short to medium bristles. They do make your lashes beautifully black though.

Do you ever put two layers of mascara or even thought about how much do you use it? Well, with this product you should not because if you apply it too much, layer after layer, your eyelashes will like spider’s feet. I don’t want to be mean, but it is a very fragile line between having a serious layer of mascara for an impressive look and making your eyes look grotesque.  

The great thing is that the product can be easily removed with simple eye cleanser. 


- makes your lashes thick;

- decent resistance throughout the day;

- very good price.


- does not make your lashes look longer;

- it slightly transfers on the area around the lower lashes.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Sephora Wonderful Cushion Matte Lip Cream

We should always see the bright side of things. For example, yesterday, when I couldn't catch my bus, I went on a short trip to Sephora. And my day became lighter indeed as I found this matte lip cream. The first thing that attracted me about it was because it said Wonderful Cushion and as you'll see why I developed the obsession with cushions in one of my next articles. 

The shade I purchased is 05 Wonderful Red. There were other shades available, more pinkish, wasn't even sure about the shade I bought, I thought it was too dark at the beginnings and in the summer I don't want to look like a vampire. All worries were shattered when I tested it. It's a lovely, bright but also deep red. 

Now let me talk a little about the cushion technology, because even if it appears a regular lipstick, it is not. It has a cushion at the orifice which is supposed to make the application easily and better. It has a round, soft, cream-colored cushion which is very comfortable to use. I wanted to test it so fast that I didn't take the picture before squeezing it. And here comes the bad part; the squeezing. At first I thought I didn't know how to use it right because it was extremely hard to get the cushion tinted and I had to be careful as I didn't want to damage it. After a little effort and a reminder to tone my arms, I could enjoy this matte lip cream.

Despite the fact that it is a lip cream, it lasts a good amount of time and appears to be very natural on the lips. The second I began using it, I had a thought, it is very useful to create gradient lips with this tool. I tried it and it works beautifully because even if it's moist and feels nice to the lips, it's still pigmented and gives a nice color. I can say this only for the shade I tested, the other ones I saw seemed a little to neon for me. I really don't know why this product isn't more popular. 
The package is really cute, you can see through the drawn lips the color of the product. It has 9 ml and is very thin and elegant. The thing I find adorable about is that I can put it on its cap and it sits just well on my office. 

- beautiful color, last long;
- doesn't make your lips dry;
- nice appearence of the product.

- it can be very hard to use it, as you have to be careful when you squeeze it; too much product can escape;
- personally I would have preferred it more if it had some kind of scent.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Cien Nature 3in1 Cleansing Foam

Taking care of ones face and keeping it clean and hydrated is the first step to a beautiful ad healthy skin. With that in mind, I purchased the Cien Nature 3in1 Cleansing Foam with lemon and lemon balm. The three actions that are declared to be in this product is gently cleansing, removal of the make-up and soothing and revitalizing.

It says the product is meant for daily usage and is dedicated for normal and combination skin. The tube contains 150 ml of product and it lasts a good while. The appliance is easy: you have to give a nice shake and then apply the foam on your already wet face. No matter if you want to use it in the mornings or evenings as it written in the recommendations, or whenever you want, you have to be careful and apply the product through circular movements so it is absorbed efficiently. Then all you have to do is rinse with warm water.

Personally, it was a nice experience, the smell helped as well as it gave a very refreshing vibe. It is not powerful enough to remove mascara, but it does clean your face nicely. It does not, however, make your face really dry and that is important, especially with a product that you can use this often.

The package has a really interesting information written on it. Is says that is a natural certificated product and does not contain many harmful substances. The most interesting fact for me was that at first it said that it doesn’t contain perfume. The thing that attracted me at the beginnings was the smell in particular. To know that it came from natural substances made using this cleansing foam a more pleasurable experience.

This cleansing foam is very useful to a fast cleaning of the face as it removes the impurities and sebum excess. Maybe because of this foam technology, but it felt that you can clean and refresh your face pretty easily and most important fast. And the fact that it can be used often made it my favorite cleansing product for a while.

-          Smells very nice;
-          Is cheap ( as most of Cien products are, but remember cheap isn’t always bad);
-          Cleans fast.

-          Doesn’t give you a profound cleaning;
-          If it’s used more than twice a day (or as it is recommended, it depends on your skin) it does make your face dry. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Bourjois - 123PERFECT - CC Cream

Summer is here and with it, sun came with a strong force and a big heat wave. So for those who do not have a perfect skin and have to cover the little imperfections, the foundation is not a great solution on this weather. It is too heavy for the skin, clogs your pores and makes your skin look and feel greasy.
SO, we have to find another good alternative. If you read on magazines or websites you will see that make up artists recommend and BB or a CC Cream. I will not enter the details to see the difference between the two, but, I will speak today about my favorite CC Cream ever.
I found it at DM, which recently brought Bourjois make up products. Which is awesome, because I love them.
It's not a very low cost product, but girl, the product is amazing. You know that CC Cream comes from Color Correction Cream. So if you face discoloration or depigmentation, this product is perfect for you. On the package it says that it contains 3 pigments: Apricot - which is anti-fatigue, Green - which is Anti-redness (oh, yeas!) and White - which is anti-dark spots. The cream has a luminous complexion formula and it smooths the skin. And I can really agree with this. Also, it hydrates the skin 24 hr and has SPF 15, which is awesome.
I am using the color 32 - Light Beije, which is my go to color. I think the product comes into 5 or 6 colors and you can test them in the store. I personally tried many ways of applying. I used a wet beauty blender, which is cool, because it leaves your skin so smooth and puts the product in the skin evenly. I also tried with a brush, but I feel like it's too much for a CC Cream. Then, most of the time, I use my fingers, and it works great.
I feel my skin so healthy and hydrated all day. Sometimes, when it's very hot outside, I use a powder on my T zone. Also, I apply some highlighter and it stays in place from morning to evening when I get home and take my make up. Speaking about it, it's really easy to take it off- you can use your normal makeup remover gel, an oil or a micelar water.
I can only say that this product is perfect for your skin, especially on summer, and a light version of the foundation that covers your imperfections and evens your skin color.

-Gives the skin a natural look
-is light but corrects the skin color
-has SPF 15 which is needed, especially now, on summer

-liitle pricy for the quantity (30ml)
- it does not have a high coverage (as a foundation)
- its not good for oily skin (as its quite liquid )
-It comes in a tube, not in a box, and surprisingly for me, I can not see the ingredients anywhere.


Friday, July 6, 2018

Essence Cover Stick

Bought the Essence Cover Stick on impulse, but I really wanted to try something like this. Curious about how much power to cover the skin's problems such a product has, I decided to try it on.

The package is simple, nothing too extraordinary, a 6 g stick which is suppose to "conceal skin imperfections with a fine mat finish". Because of its utility, it can be carried in your bag easily. However, I don't recommend caring him too long everywhere because mine has already cracked a bit at the edges. From that we can easily deduct it is made of some kind of cheap plastic. Another incident that happened with this product is when I pulled it out of my purse and all the product was stuck in the superior part, it somehow moved places. With a little struggle I managed to put it back in place and push it a bit to stay put. Now don't go imagining I crush my purse on every wall I see, the product is simply lacking in resistance. Guess it doesn't stand heat that much, even though it wasn't exposed directly to sunlight and until now summer has been gentle.

The product itself is very cheap, but from my experience so far with Essence, not all cheap products are bad. The shade I purchased is 03 Matt Honey. The texture is really nice and it can be smoothed fast. Personally, I apply it by tapping gently with my fingers. The initial impression was that I got the right shade, but the shock came when I started to blend it and it had a white shade. So it's rather preferable you put it on the direct area with problems, not expand it.

For me it covers just fine with or without skin preparation like moisturizing or pre-applied foundation. It lasts a decent amount of time, but reapplication is recommended. All in all, the whole cover stick can last you a few months because it has plenty of product.
Didn't use it for the area under my eyes, just for different spots. It can also be used for pimples but you should apply powder on top to settle it regarding the zone you are using it. It's creamy formula goes well with oily types of skin. Do not apply too much product because after a while it gathers up and it's visually unpleasant. The shade variation is limited, even in the store there were like three shades available. 

- it's super cheap;
- creamy formula, easy to use;
- the coverage percent is pretty decent.

- the package;
- it isn't suitable for dry skin.


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cien Rouge Powder

Got really excited when I saw in the magazine that there is a new product from Cien so I rapidly went and got it. I've been really excited lately about powders and foundation and because my experience with products from Cien was relatively good so far, I wanted to see what they came up with.

There were actually two new things, this rouge powder and a bronzer powder. Decided to get this one at a nice price, although all Cien products have a good price. We shall see if the quality is worth it and bring justice to the world, haha.

So, the shade I bought is 01 Apricot because it was the lightest I found left. Guess there were more Cien enthusiasts than I had expected. It turns out that the shade is a little too dark for me as I first tried it. The miracle of blending made it not look that bad.

The package is simple and very suitable for summer. Personally, I am very fond of products that come in little packages and have a cute appearance. Some other products from Cien look more luxurious, I guess, but this is supposed to be adequate for the summer. There are 4,9 g of product and due to the quantity of it, you can easily carry it in your bag. 

The thing with Cien's products is that they are like those rare flowers that bloom only once in several years; you got to buy them when you see them. The next day they not only might not be there, but who knows when they'll bring another products or if they bring other products at all. From what I was able to see, this powder is a summer limited edition. 

The product is odorless and has a nice texture for a powder. The problem is it may have been a little too subtle for me. Despite the fact that it seemed too dark at the beginning, it fades away. It fades away so much to the extent you don't see anything, any result. The only mark left is some tiny glitter. The product does contain some glitter in it, you can easily see it through the transparent package. My thought is that they didn't make it full mat because they wanted to add some summer fun in it, to integrate in it a little highlighter. It was a good strategy, because in the summer make-up should be more natural and fun. 

- it is cheap;
- easy to apply;
- has a nice, subtle highlighter vibe.

- it doesn't last long;
- doesn't have enough power to hold on the foundation.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Essence Eye Glitter Primer

Have to admit I bought this due to impulsive shopping; my mum said she'll treat me with anything I want from the Essence stand and my eyes fell upon the Essence glitter primer. This cute little thing deceived me, but it was my excitement's fault. My first thought was that it is glittery and will add shimmer to my eye shadow. This is the impression the title gave because I did not read the back of the package at all. Later at home I discovered that it is an eye primer suitable for putting glitter, not enhancing the eye shadow. With a little disappointment, because the level of my glitter make-up is low, I decided to still give it a try. Not to be misunderstood, I do use glitter, but not as dense as we can see in all the make-up tutorials out there, as I prefer something more subtle. 

Basically, I wanted to see if it works well with an ordinary eye shadow. And to be more dramatic, there was a relatively minor test involved. I applied simple eye shadow, but I used this eye primer on one eyelid while on the other I did not use anything. Hours passed and ladies and gentlemen, it actually worked. 

No matter how good and expensive your products are, make-up can not last an entire day. It is not the product's fault, neither your face fault, it is just human nature. Our face secrets substances, reacts to the environment we are in, it does not stay still, so, normally, our make-up will not stay put as well.

The only thing we can do, as I realized from this little experiment is that we can empower make-up with primers. The make-up lasts longer and it prevents the skin from getting oily. However, I watched some interviews with specialists saying that the use of primers and products alike, prevent skin from breathing and are not recommended to be used daily. My advice is to use all things moderately, but do not be afraid to test new things. Only with trying we can see what products fit us better.

This product particularly, dries fast and it very comfortable to applied it. Just apply a small amount on a brush if you want to be elegant or simply with your fingers, it gets absorbed as fast as it dries. The product is colorless so I guess it can be used for any type of skin. It can also be used for different parts of the body, but I have the impression it won't keep together big pieces of glitter, or pieces used for the fairy-like make-up, but more of the delicate glitter.

The package is really nice and cute, the tube is easy to use, it gives the right amount of product when it's squeezed. It has a adequate quantity, 10 ml, which should last you a while. 

- it easy to apply it;
- it's really smooth and the transparency is suitable for all types of skin;
- it holds your eye shadow or moderate glitter in place a right amount of time.

- it is not that right for heavier glitter.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Cien Professional Oil Care Shampoo with Macadamia Oil

It’s been a while since I began testing Cien Professional Oil Care Shampoo with macadamia oil. It promised nourishing care for delicate hair and I have to admit I was kind of reluctant in trying it because I often develop dandruff at changing shampoos. Another worry I had before using it was that I lately had been using a very classic and basic hair mask composed of olive oil mixed with castor oil. It helped me in the past so I returned to using it. However, the use of so many oily products raised fear that my hair will end up being very, well, oily. And the last thing you want after washing your hair is to be oily.
At first I applied it to remove my mask and it did a good job. I also tried it without having any mask on it to reach a more exact conclusion and witness something weird. After the application and rinsing I was surprised to see it did not make my hair tangled and seemed like I had already used a conditioner. My happiness did not last long because after drying my hair, it became rather tern. Its duplicity confuses me.On the other hand, the thing I feared in the beginning did not happen. I did not developed dandruff and was a bit surprised that a shampoo so cheap could be so gentle to my hair.
The package is nice and the gold of it gives you the vibe of something expensive. When I first saw it, I liked how squishy it was, but after applying it regularly it was disappointing because every push left its mark. It ended up being a little difficult to get it out and the package looked harmed. The thing that impressed me was the actual product. It has a white color with pearl reflections and it’s very enjoyable to look at. The smell is beautiful too; it does not smell like any other product from their brand. It is sweet, but it does not suffocate you. And it does make a decent amount of foam.
-          It has nice smell and color;
-          I did not develop dandruff, but I guess that depends on everyone’s type of hair;
-          For an oil based shampoo, it leaves your hair rather dry;
-          You have to struggle a little with the package, especially when you don’t have much product left.
Until next time, wash well.


Monday, July 2, 2018


Avon planet spa, Oriental Radiance with white tea face mask

Avon planet spa had some interesting things released. Bought two of them and the first I am going to talk about is the Oriental Radiance with white tea. It is supposed to be an invigorating face polisher, an exfoliation mask.

Its texture is a bit dense, but it is supposed to be applied on a wet face which makes it easier to apply. The substance is smooth, but you can really feel the hard parts which help the exfoliation. Those parts you have to massage after a while because unlike the substance, they do not disappear and are a bit large, so if you end up looking in the mirror and seeing big, white spots on your face, do not worry, just give it some time. The substance has a white color that slowly fades as I said. The smell is an important advantage of this mask, as it gives an aroma therapy vibe.

The package is a 75ml one and according to the instructions, for a normal face you have to use this three times a week, or once a week if you have a sensitive face. I think it is the right amount because you can try the whole set and cannot get bored that easily.

One thing that confused me after trying it is that when I looked on the package to see how long do I have to stay with it on face, it said to wait until it is dry. The problem is, that unlike the peeling sister mask I tried from them, this one does not dry in the typical way.  It is moist even after the classical 15 minutes.

However, another great advantage of this mask is that you can easily remove it. Only washing it with water and because of the formula you save enormous amount of time during removing. The skin is smooth and nice after using it and the thing I appreciate the most is that it does not leave your skin dry.

There are other face masks that leave the skin so dry after using it, that you have to apply a moisturizer cream to recover it, which is beyond my power of comprehension because a mask should upgrade your skin, not damage it. There are almost three hours since I applied this mask and the effect is still noticeable, the skin is soft and feels calm and moist.

-          Smells nice and if the face is wet, it is easy to apply it;
-          It is even easier to remove it;
-          Leaves your face moist and soft.

-          Do not wait until it dries like it says on the package because well, it does not.


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Miss Sporty Precious Shine 3D lip gloss

Summer came inevitably and I thought I should buy something shiny. Always wanted to try some orange shades for my lips and now it seemed to have been the perfect occasion. Found at a local store Miss Sporty Precious Shine 3D lip gloss, 310 Gorgeous Mandarin and it made me curious to find out what is so gorgeous about it.
The package is nice, but I have the impression that is one of those bottles which you keep in your purse a long time and the writing on them disappears and it ends up looking ugly. Time will tell with this one.

The smell is really nice, something sweet, a combination of fruits and Oreo biscuits. The applicator is okay and it has a lot of things to do. After a few applications I thought I should read the instructions for it. Reminded me of that fruit juices when you have to shake it prior to tasting it or you’re not going to get the full flavor. The color was moving and it was like a game between the applicator and the color. Basically they were playing curling on my lips. Eventually I succeeded in blending it well and stepped out to see the results.

It looks very natural on the lips, not as Mandarin orange as I thought it would be, but it really shines. Your lips will stand out. A few moments at least. I took a sip of my coffee and marked the mug very well. It doesn’t have a lasting effect, it colors the lips nicely, but after a while you end up with nothing on them. It doesn’t dry the lips, though, a slight layer remains on them.

It’s a good acquisition if you have time to apply it over and over again. The price isn’t high, but you have to questions if it’s worth the time you’re going to spend applying it. It is not totally dislikeable, it gives you a cheerful, cherry blossom like aura.

-          Has a really nice smell;
-          It doesn’t dry your lips;
-          Looks natural and youthful.

-          The color pigment goes away easily;
-          You have to apply it often.

Until next time, blend well.


Sephora - daily makeup brush cleaner

My foundation collection has grown considerably lately because I feel I have not yet found my go to one. And with the purchase of the foundation, a lot of brushes and sponges have been added to my collection for applying it. And here's my big problem, how do I clean them up?

In the past I used a shampoo or cleansing gel, but I felt like I want something more professional. So one day I went to Sephora and one of the consultants helped me find what I was looking for.

She told me they usually use Protex soap to clean the brushes. But before each application they also use the product I want to tell you about. It's called: Daily make-up brush cleaner.

How to use it? Before each use, sprinkle two drops of spray and lightly squeeze it with a paper towel. The Sephora girl persuaded me to buy it, and here it is, I almost used three quarters of the container.

It comes in a bottle with pump, 60ml. You can read the ingredients and how to use it on the packaging.

It has no perfume, it's easy to use and I can say it does its job. But be aware that brushes should still be washed at least once every two weeks (if used daily). Practically, the spray lengthens the duration of use between washes, plus it is also antibacterial.

- Easy to use and very useful;
- No perfume, do not wet the brush

- It's kind of pricy for the amount it comes to
- If the brush is cracked with a very hard-wearing foundation, you need to pump several times, so the product do its job.