Thursday, August 30, 2018

Advance Techniques Styling Protect

The heat protection spray I purchased from Avon is meant from protecting hair from styling damage. It is meant for smooth and healthy hair which got me a little bit frustrated. How can you protect your hair if it already has damage? Personally I don't use the flat iron that often, but there are cases when I dry it with the hairdryer and to prevent any damage produced by the heat, I bought this Avon Advance Technique product.

You can use it by spraying it 15-20 cm from damp hair and make sure to distribute it evenly. Afterwards you can style it normally. There can be cases when the plump clogs, but you can fix that with just rinsing it under warm water. You should also be careful about not spraying and get product in your eyes because it can be very uncomfortable. 
The thing that is pleasurable about it is the smell. It is powerful and even though it dissipates rapidly, there will remain a thin scent in your hair. 

The circumstances when I used it were often after I washed my hair. A little confused at the beginning whatever I should use my spraying hair conditioner, before or after, I decided to use it after I applied the conditioner. You can't see a rapid effect and as I mentioned above, if your hair is a little damaged in the first place, there will be changes too small to see from the first uses. When I tried before using the flat iron, I had another confusion. It does leave your hair wet so you have to wait a little bit for it to dry. I wouldn't recommend using the flat iron on a wet hair.

Truth to be heard, hairdryers and flat irons are damaging your hair no matter what product are you using, so don't believe any product that promises you a blink of the eye repairing. Instead of it, try using those machines that cause so much harm to our hair less. And especially in the summer when the sun is roasting us and especially if you go to the seaside, the salty water is your hair's enemy. This product in particularly, could have done a better job, but I'm not sure that maybe if I had used more than a bottle, it would have done a better job. Other than heat protection and a beautiful smell, it doesn't do any other thing.

- acceptable price;
- nice smell.

- too little effect.


Monday, August 27, 2018

Giordani Gold - Eye brow gel

I use to paint my eyebrows like once a month with brown eyebrow painting, but after two weeks it usually fades so I have to somehow maintain my eyebrows full and colored until my next visit to the salon. 
One on my all time favorite eye brow gel is this one from Girodani Gold by Oriflame. My color is 02- Brown, and it comes in one more shade, lighter I think. This is like my four or sixth bottle, so you can say how much I love it. 
I has a light consistency, but quite pigmented. It really covers the fade areas, put together those piece of hair that want to go dancing, and shapes my lines really nicely. What I like most about this gel - comparing it with other that I have tried - is that it does not look false or too tick, it does not makes my hair brow look wet. 
The brush is not too big, but not small- I like it, but I have recently got another eye brow gel from another brand and the brush is really small and I feel like I can do my job much better with it. So yes, they could do it little smaller. 
 -good price (like 5 dolars);
-very tinted but so, natural.
- the brush is quite big for the eye brows and sometimes you can get out of the bottle more product that you would want. 


Saturday, August 25, 2018

PNF Peiyen Dodo Cat Cushion

My obsession with cushions made me search for more and eventually I ended up on AliExpress. The cushion I purchased is named Dodo Cat by PNF Peiyen. Being still new to this site, I didn't imagined what kind of beauty products I would be seeing and after I received them I realized that is something fishy. The prices are incredible low; of course I should have known they weren't exactly the same thing. After a few questions to the real brands I knew that had similar products (only the name written was different) I was just as confused as in the beginnings because no one answered me. 

On the internet the opinion are multiples, some even say that the other companies have contracts with the ones that make the original product. The only thing I could do was just inspect the product myself. The other company I found that produces this cushion is in fact a collaboration between Holika Holika and Audrey Jeanne. After I visited their site I realized why there is a "fake" product; the original costs 40$. The one I'm going to talk about is the one ordered from the Chinese site, with 5.18$. 

The design of this product is very cute, it's one of the reasons I ordered it in the first place. It's playful and girly and perfect for a cat lover. It's made of a good quality plastic and the mirror is large, provides good visibility. The sponge has a little cat drawn on it which is a plus. The pad is made of the same material as beauty sponge blenders which I found interesting because the former cushion I had had a softer pad. You have to struggle a bit to get product on it and because of the rough margin, it always gathers a little product there and it is annoying, every time you think you finished blending you have a surprise line of product on your face.

The thing that surprised me in a good way was the smell. As a person who doesn't like sweet smells, this cushion's fresh and clean perfume was definitely an advantage. Also, I forgot to mention that it comes with a refill. The product tends to be enough. On the face, however, you have to reapply it at least once a day. 

The shade I purchased is 02 and even though I had a little shock because it is very white when you first apply it, but it rapidly accommodates with your skin color. The foundation is adequate for dry skin and you can set it with just a bit of powder. 

The portion on the little box's back where the writing is provides confusing ideas for the use of the product. It seems impossible that a product can make so many things at once. It is suppose to "natural stimulation, multiple isolation moisturizing, efficient and lock the water molecules, frivolous break, fine texture, effectively adjust uneven skin tone,help skin become smooth and even, make skin moisture shine all day". I'll leave for you to decide what are the uses for it because I honestly think there are just a bunch of words used in the cosmetic industry thrown together.  

The coverage is okay, it doesn't make your skin glow or anything, but it is not invisible either. Other than the cute package and the smell, it doesn't posses other extraordinary traits. I can't say anything about the original product and I'm not encouraging counterfeit products, but in the end it depends on every person's choice.

-      Very cute package;
-      Light and thin formula;
-      Smells very good.

-      Not adequate if you need stronger coverage;
-      The pad’s margins are rough.


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cien Eyeshadow Pencil

Let me start the next article with a question: do you believe in eyeshadow pencils? At first I was a bit reserved of the product and even though they have been on the market for a while, I was still reluctant. But why ignore its use, after all, it can be easily carried around. My doubt was the quality and after I tried Cien's eyeshadow pencils I had a split opinion.

Firstly, I bought them on impulse; again, Lidl never stops the temptation. The shades I purchased are: number 11 Paradise Island and number 12 Summer Breeze. For the low price they had, it was totally worth it. 

The reason I have such a conflicted opinion is that they are so different. The shade number 11 Paradise Island is of an earthy, brown color. I tried using it as a thin line instead of eyeliner and regardless the fact that it looked amazing, it fades fast so it wasn't of any use. So the other way of using it was by blending it with a brush. It doesn't last too long, but it's better than nothing. And then again, how much do we expect beauty products, especially make-up to last? The fantastic thing about the shade we were speaking is it's really adequate for brown eyes like mine. 

The other shade was the opposite of the first one. While the first had a simple dark brown color, number 12 Summer Breeze shines with its light, beige color with a shimmery vibe. Between the two shades, this one is my favorite. Sparkle all the way. And it even last longer, maybe because the glitter particles infiltrate in the skin and it takes longer for them to disappear. It can be used on the waterline, or in the middle of the eyelid, but remember to blend well. Both products are really creamy and easy to blend. Another thing I appreciated about it is that it doesn't gather up and look nasty. I've used them for a while and it seems that they could last you for a while.

The shades don't particularly remind of summer, Cien could have launched them all year around, but they are pleasant to use and look at. In the end, the conflicted opinion was triggered by the difference in the shade, not the quality. It was their choice and despite the difference, they are enjoyable, each of them. 

- Easy to apply, to carry around;
- Gorgeous price;
- Nice colors.

- They don't last long.


Monday, August 20, 2018

Cien Lip Butter

When I saw the new collection at Lidl I knew I had to refrain myself from buying new stuff because I still have a couple of products at home that I want to write a review for, but who can stand the curiosity? Not me, for sure. Not when those lip butter thing look so nice.
The package is nice, indeed, but my problem was that I began using it and carrying it around and the name completely erased from it. I had to do some research and find out how is called exactly: 11 Just nude. The picture below shows other interesting shades.

The formula is basically the same old one. They had lip butter sticks like this in the past and I have tried those as well. They are buttery and don't dry the lips too much, but the speed they are fading out is insane. You have to reapply it too many times, it becomes tiring.
The colors in the new collection seemed very trendy with all kind of nudes. The one I bought looked cute at first sight, but it really doesn't suites me and it even looks a bit different from the package. It's unfortunate you can't test them first, but we have to remember this isn't a cosmetic shop. You'll have to risk with this one. 
All in all, I was a bit disappointed of the package and the product lacks in many ways. Its smell is not something you want to necessarily return to, but the past lip butter I had from them didn't have any scent, so that means they are trying. The colors from what I saw are suppose to be upgraded to the latest trends, but still maintain a natural look. They are pretty to look at, but as I mentioned, it depends on luck. The product doesn't last long, but we shouldn't expect that, the product doesn't mention it's transfer proof. The creamy formula is very easy to apply and leaves a nice, moisture sensation on the lips. I figure it out since the shade is too bright for me, I could use it with another lipstick from Cien to create a gradient look. It works better like that, even if it doesn't make it last longer.

- makes your lips feel moisturized;

- the writing on the package fades away by just touching it;
- the product doesn't remain on the lips too long, needs reapplying often.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Nivea Caring Micellar Water

Meant for sensitive skin, the 3in1 cleanser for face and eyes contains dexpanthenol and grape seeds oil. After doing some research because I'm really not acquainted to such substances, I found out that dexpanthenol is a substance that is commonly used for treating baby skin and any skin irritation, as well as preventing the forming of dry skin. The grape seeds oil is also good for your skin because it has many vitamins and its said that it also has a better anti-aging effect than vitamin C. 

The three actions this product is supposed to do are cleansing, removing make-up, including eye make-up and keep your complexion hydrated. The bottle has 200 ml and you can apply it with a cotton diskette by massaging slowly your skin. I would have expected that the cap made it easier to get out the substance, but it wasn't like that, I accidentally squeezed it too much and lost a lot of product.  

Regarding the eye make-up removal, it's not like a product designed especially for that, but does a pretty decent job. You have to apply it carefully and it takes a while to remove the eye make-up. All this action could make your eyes feel uncomfortable. 

This product fulfills its other two purposes very well, the cleansing isn't very harsh, but it's still efficient and gladly, it doesn't leave your skin dry. Now, it depends on every type of skin, but in general, products that contain oil have a calming effect on the skin. Nivea in general has products that are very gentle towards the skin and this micellar water isn't an exception. 

It doesn't take long to use it and there is no recommended time of the day when you should specifically use it. So whenever you feel your skin too tired and you want to refresh it, you can use this micellar water. The package is a bit large to carry it all day with you and I really didn't use it more than two times a day so I can't name the consequences of over-usage. Some specialist say that is better to use it in the morning to get rid of all natural oils accumulated over night, some say that it can be used in the evening and only for make-up removal. I tried both ways and it works so there isn't an exact recipe to the application. 

- cleanses your skin beautifully;
- doesn't irritate your skin;
- easy to purchase.

- it's takes a while to remove mascara effectively.


Thursday, August 9, 2018

L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion

YouTubers have a great impact on the domains they are working at and nowadays you can find lots of people doing make-up tutorials and reviews. One of the YouTubers I follow did many reviews for cushions. Firstly, shout-out to Edward Avila who made me fall helplessly in love with cushions. Emoji 
Following him for some time, I got extremely curious and wanted to purchase a cushion very bad. Looking for them online, I was stupefied of how expensive they are, the majority had to be imported so the fees were kind of expensive. A lot of time passed and I still didn't have one. But hold your horses everyone, L'Oreal came and saved me with the Nude Magic Cushion. 

Now, because it is my first cushion I may be a little subjective, but my Virgo eye still makes me see all the flaws. Not that they are many, to be honest. Let's start with the package. Personally I like the pink little box, but for more mature females, it may seem a little too girly. A disadvantage is that every fingertip is visible on the cap and I had to be extra careful not to scratch it. The pad is also nice and smooth, but I would have preferred that it had the brand name written on the small pink ribbon. Another thing that is questionable about this product it's the way of opening it. It doesn't make an easy click, you have to stuck your nail there to open it and it can be bothering sometimes. The mirror inside the cap is big and surprisingly you can see in it very well. 

Let's talk about the formula, for my shame I forgot the shade's name and despite the fact that I literally spend 10 minutes looking at the package, I still don't know what shade it is. Anyway, I was lucky because the shade is very appropriate to my natural color. The process of using it is simple: you have to press the applicator onto the sponge and then gently tap it onto your face. It doesn't have a powerful smell, but it will give your skin a decent coverage (not fully). The thing that I like the most is that it gives a natural glow to the skin. 
Usually I would reapply it during the day and to make sure it holds on, you can set it with some transparent powder. The product tends to last you a good while despite the fact that it doesn't come with a refill. You could probably replace the product under the sponge if it ends, but I really hope L'Oreal will release a new one and this product doesn't remain a temporary trend. 
- easy to use, easy to carry it around;
- contains foundation and a mirror so it occupies little space in your bag;
- natural look and beautiful glow;
- doesn't make your skin feel heavy.

- buy it or forget about it, the cushions are rare Pokemons here;
- the pad is not low quality, but it could be better.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sephora lip balm

I was excited to write about this lip balm from Sephora especially because I bought it on sales, so I spent only 3 $ on it. 
But it is not only about the money. I was looking for a lip balm but one that also gives a little color. So when I tried the tester and saw that it has a bright pink color I decided I had to buy it. 
The packaging is so cool and elegant. It is all black and the cap has Sephora inscription. One negative aspect is that, now, after like 2 months , the writing has faded a little. 
It has a cute sticker on the cap, with pink lips on it and I think the name is Unique pink. Talking about that, the color is nice. It is a bright pink that looks really amazing and natural on the lips. 

* Later edit : I noticed that inside the stick it says 'Color adapt lip balm' - which is amazing - so it is highlighting your natural beautiful lip color. 

And as it is a balm, I can really say it hydrates my lips for an hour or two. Then, if you eat or drink , you have to apply it again, because it does not last longer. 
All in all, it is a nice lip balm, good to keep it in the bag, on the office desk and use it any time you feel like your lips needs a little care or simply you are not in a mood for a strong lipstick color or formula. 

-nice neutral color

-does not last long 
- it leaves marks on the mug (which really annoys me ).