Sunday, September 30, 2018

Essence Glow to go Illuminating Setting Spray

The importance of setting spray doesn’t even have to be mentioned. It just exists. Essence came up with a marvelous idea. Besides solemnly protecting the make-up giving it a blurring effect, why not give your complexion a delicate glow effect? Essence Glow to go Illuminating setting spray does just that with the fine light reflecting particles.

First time I tried this setting spray was on a short trip I made with my friends. Thought is a good idea to use such a product so I won’t be concerned every minute about my make-up. The life advice I learnt after using this was to never use for the first time something you’re not used to and especially not on vacation. It’s better to stay safe during such occasions. Returning to my first experience with this setting spray, I have to say that more than anything, it caused laugher. After actively shacking it and I’m not sure I sprayed it from 30 cm away as advised, I put a good quantity on the face. The result? My face shined as it was made of diamonds and not in a good way.

All joking aside, the setting spray illuminates the skin and not in a natural way, but not in a bad way either. After applying it properly, I could tell it does a good job at holding the make-up together and even a better job at making your skin glow.

The thing I’m a little disappointed of is the sprayer because even though you shake it vigorously, it doesn’t give equal amount of product. So it’s possible you can get bigger spots of product on your skin. It’s not that big of a problem, I use a beauty sponge to even it on the skin.

The package is nice, a 50 ml recipient. Thought it is strong, the plastic from which is made seems pretty tough, but my bottle got a bump and I can’t fix it, not to mention I don’t even remember what caused it. The conclusion is that the substance does what it’s said, but the package is a little bit lacking.

-          Shines a lot;
-          Good maintenance of make-up.

-          It gives the entire face the glowing effect and that can’t always be a good thing unless you want to look like a shining star. The point is that it’s hard to apply it just on certain zones.
-          The sprayer could have done a better job.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Sensual by Cien, hand balm

 To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Cien to release something so soon, but it was a nice surprise. The new release is called Sensual and its Asian spirit is meant to delight our senses. The hand balm I purchased is supposed to delight me and my hands with Japanese cherry blossom and almond oil.

First of all, when I saw the flagrance contained, it was a little strange because, let’s say it, we think of cherry blossom in spring, not in autumn. So that made me question if Cien made a mistake and released sooner than scheduled, their spring collection. What is done is done; all that we can do is review it.

Talking about the product itself, the perfume is really pleasant; the combination is good and persists on the hands a good period of time. I have used in the past another hand cream from Lidl, but it hadn’t a powerful smell like this one. They improved, I appreciate that.

The package is enjoyable, the pink and pearlescent cap reminds of the cherry blossom. The quantity it has is 70 ml. The price was also very acceptable. I have to confess that I used the almighty powerful source of information which is the internet to find out the difference between hand cream and hand balm. From what I could tell, the hand balms have as a base some kind of oil and are meant to hydrate the more damaged skin. From this point of view, Cien was thinking straight, we need more hydration in this season.

When it comes to the level of hydration provided, it was medium, in my opinion. Comparing to the other hand cream I had from them which had glycerin, in this case you have to use more substance and it doesn’t have the same result. However, what I like about it is that it makes a deeper hydration, not just on the surface. Autumn is the first contact we have with the cold weather and the skin is the first to suffer from it. With this hand balm, the skin is soft and is visible hydrated so putting a little extra product won’t be a problem as long as it does its job.

-    - Great smell, really great and persistent smell;
-    - Medium hydration, but my hands are suffering a bit now so it might be better in normal conditions;
-    - Sometimes Cien makes me wonder how their products can be so cheap.

-    - You might want something more related to autumn now as a flagrance;
-    - You have to use relatively a lot of product to fulfill its purpose.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Avon Care Facial Cleanser with Aloe and Cucumber

Finding an ideal cleanser can be difficult, but trying all sorts isn't impossible. Skin can get used to some products if you tend to use them for a long period of time and that is what happened to me with this product. My review is based on the information I gathered after I finished the entire bottle of Avon Care Facial Cleanser with Aloe and Cucumber. It wasn't until the last three or four washes that it didn't have the same powerful effect as it did in the beginning, so let's see how did it work from the first moment.

It has a common smell, don't recall exactly the product I had sensed it before, but it isn't bad nor good. The aloe and cucumber combination doesn't make me refreshed, but reminds me of the smell of medicines. The bottle contains 200 ml which is a very decent quantity for a cleanser. The substance has a white, pearly color and it depends on each of you how much is used. 

This cleanser is said to be dedicated to all skin types, but because I used it, I wouldn't recommend it to sensitive skin. There were times when I felt it very rough on my skin, especially irritating on the T zone. You may be deceived by the calming smell, but this cleanser can be more powerful than you think.

It is supposed to remove make-up, dirt and impurities and leave the skin moisturized and refreshed. There is a debate, however on how moisturized the skin become after using this product. Now, it depends on all the skin types, but for me, it didn't dry excessively my skin. The important thing to mark here is that even though it didn't make my skin dry, it didn't help with moisturizing my skin much. The degree of cleansing the skin was above medium, but it could have been better and I don't say that because I'm a perfection-seeker Virgo. 

Because there is plenty of product and because I used it without alternation with another product, sometimes even two times a day, my skin decided on her own that it has had enough. How do you tell your skin has reach a level of saturation with a product? There are minor signs, but if you know your skin, it would be very easy to tell. Firstly, the product does its job at removing impurities like in this case, but the skin feels tired and dull. Secondly, even if the product isn't bad, there is a tendency to use more of others to energize it a little. 

- cleans well;
- doesn't make your skin dry;
- accessible price.

- can be to harsh on some types of skins or skin zones.

Let us know if you liked this product or if you have a different opinion about it in comments below. 
Lots of love,

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Cien Eye Make-up Remover with Double Effect

That little bottle has been my curiosity's subject for a while so I thought I just have to gave in and buy it. The two substances look so pretty, they won my heart. After shaking it good, it turns into a cerulean, glittery substance that is just so nice to look at. But does it work?

The product is meant to remove waterproof mascara and it is suitable for all types of skin. The removing of waterproof mascara wasn't a problem for this product, I tried removing three mascaras I owned and it worked perfectly. I always had problems with removing mascara because there was almost every time a thin black line remaining under my eyes. That was annoying but with patience and the product I'm talking about today, you should be able to remove it perfectly. 

The product states it has double effect but I'm not really sure about what it does besides removing mascara because it simply does mention it. It just mentions that it has double effect. Which is obvious because when we see two substances in the same product, we usually think they both do different things while cooperating for the same goal; the well being of the skin. 

The thing that you will certainly find odd about this product and may freak you out when you start using it is the oil. In my opinion, products that contain oil are the best when it comes to removing make-up, but this product in particular seems to exaggerate a bit. It leaves the area surrounding your eyes very oily. 

The bottle has 100 ml and it's a good quantity, very appropriate to carry around. The best thing is that you can easily take it on the plane with you. Applying it is also simple, just use a cotton pad. However, there can always be residual substances left on your skin so cleansing is recommended. Especially with this very oily make-up remover. 

To be honest, there were times when my eyes hurt after using it, but there were other causes contributing, it wasn't just this product. I was often in a hurry and didn't use the right moves to properly remove mascara. Also, remember you should never be economical when it comes to using cotton pads, use as many as you want, having them clean counts more than saving a little money. The ones I'm using are also from Cien due to the great balance between price, quality and number of pads.

So if you have sensitive skin or dislike oily products, you should avoid this eye make-up remover, despite its awesome price. 

- removes effectively eye make-up and waterproof mascara;
- doesn't dry the skin.
- great price.

- the oil tends to spread all over the face, it just contains too much oil;
- you have to cleans it more due to the oil (you have to do it anyway but it's harder to remove oil from your face than other residues).

Let us know in the comment what your opinion about this product is and what products should we try next. Don't be shy.

Lots of love.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Cien Liquid Concealer Perfect Finish

There are rare occasions when I use concealer because my glasses do a marvelous job in hiding the minor dark circles I own, but I recently changed glasses and wanted to make my eyes brighter. Lidl seemed to be thinking the same way because Cien made available at the store nearby this liquid concealer.

The one I used in the past was in a stick form, but why not try something new? There were two shades available: light and medium. The one I bought is medium and it matches my skin well. It does make the area under the eye a little brighter, maintaining in the same time a natural look.

The interesting thing about this liquid concealer is the sponge at the end, which reminded me of the cushion technology, particularly the Sephora lip cream. For me, it's easier to apply the product, but I have to admit it's not very exact. And to be honest, there isn't much difference between the sponges; they are degrading in the same way. 

The package is small, 8 ml of product, but it looks decent, it doesn't show that it was really cheap. The black, little package is elegant to some extent and very practical to bring it with you wherever you go. On the other hand, it would have been nicer if the product would have had a little more information about ingredients written on it. You won't have problems with closing the tube as the cap works well. The sponge provided is very useful because it helps you distribute evenly the product. 

The coverage is the same as my shade: medium. It doesn't cover everything and tends to fade away, so you have to reapply it like one more time during the day. But I think that if you use a good quantity and set it with powder, it should last you the whole day without problems. Another part I appreciate about it is that it doesn't become cakey. It treats that sensitive eye area gently and the skin doesn't have any damage from using it. If you apply it on daily basics, the tiny thing is consumed faster, but don't think that because it has liquid in its title, it is that aqueous. Maybe because of the fluidity, it may seem harder to use the sponge, but after a time, you'll get used to it.

- light coverage for a natural look;
- nice application method;
- cheap;

- if you have darker circles, the product isn't pigmented enough to provide full coverage.
Let us know if you liked this product or if you have a different opinion about it in comments below. 

Lots of love,


Monday, September 10, 2018

Avon Planet Spa Peel Off Face Mask with Black Caviar Extract

It's been a while since I used a face mask; shame on me because they could help your skin so much. The last one I used was also from Avon and the one I am going to talk about today is its sister. The first one I tried was more delicate and it wasn’t peel off. This one is the hot and wild sister, but the question is, is it better?
This mask has black caviar extract and it looks fancy too. The package has 75 ml of product and despite the fact that it says you should use a thin layer, it is not enough, a thin layer makes it harder to remove. Although I apply a nice, thicker layer, it does last for a good period of time. Personally, I believe the black and gold package is really pretty, it even has an elegant vibe.
You could apply it simply, with your fingers, but I like to use a face masks brush that I recently bought from AliExpress. Maybe one day I'll show it to you, it's very glittery. Speaking of glitter, the substance of the mask has a very shimmery and although it is transparent, a beige undertone. 
The thing I dislike about it is the strong, pungent smell. You should be very careful when you apply it so that your eyes and hair line are protected from the substance. Sometimes, when my eyes are tired, they even get a bit watery due to the stingy smell, but as it dries, that effect fades away.
After carefully spreading the mask on your face, leave it to dry for almost 20 minutes. Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying the mask. It is visible when it is ready to be removed and if it is completely dried, you can take it off easily. The peel off technology is fun to use. It is a challenge to remove it from one piece, but it's possible. If it is dry, you should not have any problem removing it. The recommendation is you use it once or twice a week.
The skin is soft after using the mask and the thing I appreciate about it, is that it doesn't dehydrate it greatly. It makes it smooth and cleans it well. Comparing the other one I had from the same brand, I can’t say which one is better because both work in their own ways. It’s just a matter of preference. I liked more this one because you can apply it and then move around the house as it dries and do other stuff. You won’t be able to move your face for those 20 minutes but consider it a rest for your facial muscles.
- it cleans your face and gives it a natural, glowy look;
- very good price;
- fun to use it.
- smells too powerful in the beginning.