Monday, October 29, 2018

Trends of 2018 I liked and disliked

Even though 2018 isn't over yet, fall make us feel as if we're near the end, doesn't it? It's been a year with lots of trends and a various palette to chose from. Whatever you wanted a simple look or use neon colors, there were so many options, it was hard to chose from.
Remember, this is our personal opinion, it depends on everybody's taste.

My favorite trend of this year has to be the simple, clean and natural look. Sometimes that is the most hard thing to do for there is always the temptation to add just a little bit more. Setting the trend for minimal make-up, Tanya Taylor, Tracy Reese, Badgley Mischka, Etro and many others, proved that enhancing the true structure and beauty of the face can not only make a person more beautiful, but also more confident. And there were variations within this trend as well. Mila Schön added a bit of edge with the sandy eye-shadow, Vicky Zhang impressed with a fresh and rosy image and Roland Mouret really gave another definition to elegant, glowing skin. Philosophy reproduced the soft bitten, glossy goals very good. The color which seemed to be on everyone's lips, rose gold, was also present in the world of make-up, Alberto Zambelli representing it flawless. The romantic, movie-like look inspired by Cynthia Rowley melted my heart as peach and pink are a match made in heaven. Oscar de la Renta satisfied my preference with glitter, incorporating it so it wouldn't like a carnival, but shine as a unit. 

Trends I liked.

Thick lashes - love that natural, long and thick lashes.
Brown lips - whatever it was matte or not, in all shades possible, brown was present this year and we loved it.
Tinted brows - that enhance not draw the attention.
Pinched cheeks - from rosy to peach, it was a delight to see all ladies blushing beautifully.
Mauve accents - it's great that this wonderful color shined its way along with the other trendy colors.
Blue eyeliner - an avangard approach and I don't personally used it, but it has something so catchy.

On the other side, there were trends that I'm not fond of, but I understand others are. However, we shouldn't judge tastes, so here are some of the trends I'm happy to leave behind in 2018.

It's understandable that people got tired of the classical eyeliner and began experimenting with it, but some things just don't work adjusted. The round eyeliner isn't that much of a deal, but Ports 1961's block of eyeliner and Jill Stuart' underliner were a big turn off for me. There was another trend that used kohl-rimmed eyes which reminded me of the painful period were my make-up talent was invisible. 

Cushnie et Ochs and Dior had an obsession for clumpy lashes that I just don't understand. They really make your eyes look like spiders and I don't care how childish this opinion is. On the other hand, Ryan Lo came with a pinkie spider if you could say so. Glitter lashes, especially the pink ones are not that desirable unless you're a fairy, of course.
When it comes to giving another structure and dimension, Natasha Zinko and Sies Marjan blew my mind with a make-up that looked like a super-hero mask. All women are heroes, but don't have to show it that obvious. Jeremy Scott and Francesco Scognamiglio were making the eye look like a disco ball with all that sequins and gemstones.  

Don't want to sound too harsh on them because deep down, there were all looks I enjoyed giving a glance. Can't help to think that if on the models, all those crazy ideas of make-up look like that, it would probably look like chaos and hell if I'd try something like that so big applause to all the make-up artist. If you're work isn't appreciated at its true value, you're effort definitely is.

Trends I disliked.

Metallic lipstick - because I think it's too pretentious and doesn't suit anyone.
Round or unfinished liner - while the first doesn't look that bad, the second one might make you look as if you were drunk when you made it.
Holographic highlighter - as pretty to look at as it is, some shades are just too unnatural and we don't want our faces to shine like plastic.

All in all, this year was sure animated and the contrast between the natural and wild looks gave us the opportunity to test beyond limits. If a person is happy with the make-up she or he is wearing, than the world can only do one thing: shut up. The result may be the image we display to the others, but more important are the changes it makes in ourselves and the way we see the world.

Hope you guys enjoyed the article, it was sure fun to write it. Let us know what were your favorite parts of this year and which not. 


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Friday, October 19, 2018

Cien Nature Day Cream with Wild Rose

Running out of a face cream, I turned to Lidl with hopes it might help me. There's where I found this soothing day cream dedicated for dry skin. It was so tiny and pretty I could resist. Without thinking twice, I bought it.

Firstly, it says it contains wild rose, but on the label it says that it has oil from the wild rose's seeds. It is a difference, no matter how you look at it. The cream is to be applied every morning, on clean skin and be massaged until it's fully absorbed. The targeted areas are the face, neck and cleavage.

The package is very cute, a 50 ml tube. The substance is white and more watery than the one of the creams I had before. It smells really nice, a combination of wild rose and honey. The design surprised me because it is nice and the entire price of the product is very low. Given that, could the quality of it be on the same level? 

I could depend on everyone's type of skin, but for mine it didn't do much. The level of hydration was low for me. It gives the false impression of hydration; on the surface, it makes the skin look and feel plump and smooth, but I could feel that the hydration didn't get to further deeps. You can wear make-up or not, but you can never skip hydrating your skin. It does so much damage not taking a little time to apply some treatment. And it's really not worth it. Even with this little cream tube it's easy to give at least an impulse of hydration because of how simple it is to apply it.

- because of how fluid it is, it's easy to apply;
- gets absorbed fast;
- the smell really implies the nature way they adopted.

- doesn't give the skin much hydration.

Until next time, don't forget to drink water and be beautifully hydrated.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Elseve Argile Extraordinaire Shampooing Sec

Dry shampoos are really a miracle invented. Don’t know anybody that could say they didn’t need them. Because we all have bad hair days and some freshness doesn’t do any harm. The one I’m going to talk about is Elseve Argile Extraordinaire Shampooing Sec with 3 argyles.

I’ve tried cosmetic clay in the past as a face mask combined with honey, yogurt or other ingredients I had in the house available, so I thought that it would be helpful for the hair too even though it’s in another form. It says on the package that it takes 2 minutes to give a clean, more voluminous look and it is true. It removes the excess sebum and cleans the roots, without burdening the hair. 

You can use it whenever you feel your hair dull, in my case, I usually use it one day before the classic shampooing. From 30 cm away you have to spray it into your hair, insisting on the roots. After leaving it for a minute or two, brush it and you’re done.

The thing I like about this product is that it doesn’t leave any trace on the hair. The previous one that I had, left some white powder residue, it felt as if the spray had the same effect as a fire extinguisher. And I had to brush it thoroughly because it gave my hair a gray color. Not to mention that it dried my hair. Leaving the bad behind, this dry shampoo is far better than my previously one.

The only thing that bothers me about it is that the sprayer broke. It was like only one time substance left, but it still annoyed me. Regarding the design, the package is nice, the same amount as a deodorant has, so it’s very easy to carry it around. It said on the label that is L’Oreal’s’ first product of this kind and I can’t imagine how proud they are because they really did a great job.

- Leaves the hair fresh;
- Doesn’t damage your hair;
- Easy and fast to apply it;
- Great price.

- The only thing I have to say at this chapter is the broken sprayer, but maybe it was only in my case so it’s not definitive.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Tell us if you use dry shampoo and which one.

Lots of kisses,

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

September's favorites

I’m not saying that September is a great month because I was born then, but as great as summer is, we need a chilly break. In these transitional seasons, skin suffers some changes and our make-up mood does the same.

Without further introduction these are the products that made my September great:
            o Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein;
            o Oriflame The One Cream Illuminator;
            o Nivea Caring Micellar Water;
            o Essence Glow to go Illuminating Setting Spray;
            o Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture + Aqua Bomb Tissue Mask.

Let us know in the comments down below what products made your September better.

Until next time, take care and blend well.

Lots of kisses,

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

3CE Eunhye House Cushion

Pinky promise this is the last cushion I buy this year. At first I started looking through AliExpress to buy a mirror, but there was an amazing price for both products and my heart gave in to this cute, pink 3CE Eunhye House Cushion.

To begin with the aspect of originality when it comes to this site is a little overrated but that’s the deal. I’ve heard of 3CE before, but don’t have any idea if this is the real thing or not. And because I paid 10$ for these two products, they probably aren’t from the original brand. On the back label it says “Korea 3ceremony cosmetics group limited”. At least they try.

The shade I bought is 002 and luckily it matches my skin color well. Comparing to the other two cushions I own, the one from L’Oreal and the Dodo Cat one, this one has a more fluid substance. It came to my surprise when it suddenly stuck to the pad. The advantage of this is that you can finish applying it quicker and when it comes to cushions, I think they are keener to faster appliance. If you push it a little harder, it comes pouring at the margins, so it is really liquid. 

All good things have a darker side and this cushion’s is that the coverage is slightly below medium. While is freshens the whole perspective and color of the skin, it doesn’t cover up effectively any spot or imperfection. So it is better you use this when your skin is at your best and you’re seeking for a natural look. The need for re-appliance throughout the day will be noticeable. And as a reminder, you definitely need to use powder because it leaves your skin a little moist. In a good way, but for fixing it, powder should be helpful. 
The good thing is that it comes with a refill. 

When it comes to the package, it is obviously meant to be cute with all that pink. It’s made of hard plastic; the material reminded me of the Wonder Smooth Lipsticks from Miss Sporty. It gives me seconds thoughts to not be careful and drop it on the floor. The mirror is nice and the pad is similar to the one in the cushion with Dodo Cat. On one hand, it’s made of silicone sponge, on the other it’s soft and absorbs the substance well.

The big mirror I bought isn’t as big as I thought it would be. My first impression when I saw the photos displayed on the side was that the tail was a little longer, but in the end it’s perfect for my small hands and the squared, large mirror shows my big head perfectly.

- Cute package;
- Good price;
- Depends on how liquid you want your foundation to be, this one’s is pretty good;
- Whitens and gives a natural look.

- Doesn’t cover up the imperfections too well, so a concealer is a must have;
- Needs re-appliance as it easily dissipates in the universe.

Tell us what you think about this product or if you purchased anything similar from AliExpress.

Lots of kisses,

Friday, October 5, 2018

Cien Hair Oil Serum with macadamia oil

Usually, I’m very reticent in saying something definitive about a product because things always change and that is also the case of cosmetics. There were a lot of cases when minor mistakes had a great impact in forming a wrong opinion about the product. When it comes to hair care we are all very careful and try to nourish it the best way we can. And with Cien’s hair oil serum we can definitely do that.

Never have I thought that a product you can easily find in Lidl’s stores could benefit my hair so much. There was a little lie there because Cien is releasing these products just once in a while. Last time I saw them put on display, I didn’t bought them. Now, with the colder seasons approaching, I thought I’d make my hair a nice surprised. And no wonder they are sold out, many know the secret and now you do. This hair oil serum is gold.

The last product from them with macadamia oil was also something acceptable but this hair oil is beyond that. The package is nice, gives you autumn vibes and the ratio between the quantity (it comes in 100 ml bottles) and the price is unbelievable. Just for curiosity I searched for similar products on other brands and for the same price you could get 30 ml in the best situation. I’m not saying that those don’t work, but when you have longer hair, you need more product.

To show how versatile this hair oil serum is, it has three possibilities of appliance. You can apply it before you wash hair, after you washed your hair, on wet hair as a leave-in treatment because it doesn’t require rinsing or the simple way and the way I used it, on the dried hair. It takes a few moments for the hair to absorb it, so be patient and don’t panic; the hair won’t remain oily at all.

After applying twice a week for some time, I could notice that my hair has become healthier, softer and even shinier. The smell is a bonus; its warm flagrance lingers in your hair beautifully. The main concern I had before using it was the fear that my hair will become oily and that is a nightmare. However, that never happened. I apply it on my lower half of the hair and things have been marvelous so far.

- Improves the hair’s quality by making it shinier and stronger;
- Pleasant smell;
- Nice package;
- Really great price.

- The fact that it’s so rare available is truly a pity.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and how you prepare your hair for autumn.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture + Aqua Bomb Tissue Mask

The last few days I had a heath challenge with the cold I had and my skin was influenced too. So what better occasion to put a tissue mask and relax over a tea and a book? The tissue mask super hydrating has extract of pomegranate, hyaluronic acid and hydrating serum. It is meant, of course for dehydrated skin.

First of all, when you apply the sheet, after you fix it, you have to remove the blue layer. It says that 1 mask is the equivalent of 1 week of hydrating serum. Well, I think my skin was too shocked by the moisture effect and had nearly drowned. That made me remember that maybe it is better to hydrate often and not expect a miracle to happen all of the sudden.

However, I would lie if I’d say my skin didn’t benefit from it. There is a lot of serum and after you wait a bit for it to be absorbed, it leaves your skin plump and soft. It takes 15 minutes and it’s totally worth it. Our poor skins are always exposed to so many damaging factors; it would be our shame not to give it proper care.

The tissue is a bit big for my face but think about the trouble the ones who make this kind of sheets have; every face is different not only on structure, but also in size. After the period required for the serum to do its effect, you’ll see that some substance will still be left. Give your skin a little dance and with a clean cotton pad remove the excess. They say you really see its effect after using it three times a week, but after testing it for the first time, I can say its results are visible regardless. 

- It hydrates your skin perfectly;
- Medium price, but good quality;
- No powerful scent, it gives a nice experience overall.

- Maybe Garnier was hard-working and that’s something to admire, but can’t really find the purpose of all that excess serum.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Oriflame The One Cream Illuminator

Do you remember life before highlighter? Seems so far away, isn’t it? Well, breaking news, there was a time when we weren’t so obsessed with glowing and despite how paradoxical it is, this highlighter gives those vibes. Skin can glow, but we often forget the splendor of natural glowing skin.

The One Cream Illuminator gives the skin a suave and subtle shine, not taking the attention from the skin itself. It doesn’t have a strong smell, just a delicate hint of almond oil which dissipates quickly. 

The thing that makes this product one of my favorite highlighter so far is, besides the ethereal brightness, the fact that is very versatile. My mother also used it and it adapts very well on different kind of skins and even skin tones. The glow that it’s giving is rather an icy one, but it’s still likable. 

The package is really tiny, just 30 ml and it’s perfect for travelling. For a nice glow you don’t even have to use that much so it will last you a good amount of time. Because it is a creamy formula, I don’t use any brush and just apply it with my fingers. One important thing is that you have to be patient and let it dry for its effect to be visible.

Another thing to take into consideration is to always use a cream illuminator over a liquid foundation, never over powder. The result might be calamitous, especially in our case, where a waste of product causes regrets over the money paid for it. Also, be careful about the areas you’re applying it; you don’t want to make your face appear larger and tired.

- Beautiful, natural glow;
- Nice formula, easy to apply.

- Can’t really find one, just the fact that is unfair underrated. 

Let me know what you think in the comments down below.


Monday, October 1, 2018

Cupio- Cuticles oil

I've started wearing gel nails like 4 months ago. I found a cool professional girl that was doing magic with my nails. At the end of each session she was using a Cien hand cream (find the review here) and a cuticles oil that was smelling like heaven. 

So I asked her where she got it and she said is from Cupio. So I went to the store and bought a bottle for myself. 

They have it in different colors (orange, blue, red) and firstly I didn't know what's the difference - I though is only about the color. But the girl said they are different scents. 

I bought the blue one, coconut flavor ( I know A. will hate it, because she is not a fan of coconut :))). But I love it. The scent is discreet, but noticeable and very agreeable. 

The thing that I love most about the bottle is that it has a pipette, so every time I put it on my nails I feel like a chemist that is doing some magic. 

The oil is very oily, lol... so you will only need like a drop for each hand. Then I like to massage it a little so the oil sinks into the cuticles and soften them. My nails look like just done, every time I apply it. 

I usually do it in the night, after having a shower. My hands remains for a few minutes oily, but I don't mind, I listen to a song meanwhile, or watching TV. 

- very discreet scent
- very, very affordable ( 2$ -15 ml) 

-if you don't use it daily, the cuticles get very dried; it's like they get used to the oil.