Friday, November 23, 2018

October's favorites

This one was late, but that doesn't mean October isn't a great month. Rather than brown tones, this October was covered in sun and high temperatures for this period. This reflected in make-up and skin care as well.

The products that made my October great were:

- Avon Femme 75ml perfume;
- Nivea Cherry Lip Care;
The one 5-in-1 Wonderlash Mascara;
Cien Eye Make-up Remover with Double Effect;
L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion.

Let us know in the comments down below what products made your October better.

Until next time, take care and blend well.

Lots of kisses,


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The one 5-in-1 Wonderlash Mascara

This product was a gift from my make-up bestie whom I write reviews on this cute, little blog of ours. Little did she knew this mascara shortly became my favorite. You can find more about my struggles with mascaras here. 

To be honest, I did find the brush a little odd, but after I saw its results I couldn't doubt no more. The product has an elegant image and has 80 ml. 

The thing that was out of my power of comprehension was the 5-in-1 part. Couldn't realize the 5 tasks it's meant to accomplish, but didn't think of it too much. When it does its job, its name is of no importance. 

The lashes remain long, not necessarily thicker. It gives a natural, kindly look and that's all I'm looking for. I rarely apply two layers, one is enough for me. The great thing is that it doesn't clump neither does it smudge. Comparing to the other mascara I have now, the one from Cien, this one is superior when it comes to being waterproof. 

Now, some of you may want something more dramatic and as I said, rather than thickness, it just makes your lashes a long allure like a forest of bamboos in my case. You can wear it any time, to the office or for a night out if you're a fan of more subtle make-up looks, without worrying if it will fade out or not.

Tell us more about your favorite mascaras.