Friday, May 31, 2019

Brushes I use part I

As the title suggests, these are among the first brushes I purchased and started using them for a while now. Whatever we’re speaking about eye shadow brushes, blush brushes, etc. the material they are made of is important. Another factor we take into consideration is, of course, their appearance. Because who doesn’t love the colorful, imaginative designs for such tiny things?

To start the presentation of the brushes, I’ll begin saying that of the five brushes you see in the picture, four are from Aliexpress. Now, I know I said I closed my account, but I bought these very long ago and I’m pleased of them. They took a while to come and though I’ve ordered a bunch from only one store, they said they’ll send them from different warehouses so they arrived in different packages and they apparently forgot to send me one. It never came and my trust in them also flew away.

The only exception is the Essence brush for applying eye-shadow, with black and white patterns and a little pink, of course. It was really cheap, well, not comparing to the ones from Aliexpress because those were the real definition of cheap. It is so velvety and has the perfect dimensions. It’s perfect for beginners like me. The only thing that annoys me is that the writing on it is fading away. Better avoiding writing anything on it if it doesn’t stick.

The important question is how similar are they when speaking of quality? Because I use them equally, I can say some are really good and some not. This was very clear so let me explain. It is obvious that some brushes from Aliexpress are inspired from the latest trends in brush designs, but when it came to the usage, I was content with their performance. The brushes were smooth and helped blending well.

The exception was the golden brush; it is a solid, not so smooth brush that makes blending eye shadow difficult. Nothing is thrown away, but recycled so I use it when I’m dealing with glitter or fluid eye shadow.

The brush meant for face masks was one of my favorites due to its look. However, it was the first to break. The face mask that I applied was the peel-off from Avon if I recall correctly and the pink part just separated from the rest. Nothing good glue won’t fix, it was something I could repair, as frustrating as it was.

I will present you the newest purchases in terms of brushes in a future post. Until then be careful what you buy and let us know in the comments what are your favorite brushes.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Cien Body Salt Scrub

Cien Body Salt Scrub with blackcurrant and caffeine (because we love coffee in all its forms) has been a pleasant surprise. Don’t mean to give any spoilers and though I never intended on buying it, I don’t regret it. Cien has some great products and it’s a pity not to test them.

I remember there were like three types, if I remember right, there was one with a citrus flavor, cocoa and coconut. My choice was the one with blackcurrant and caffeine and was very curious to test it since I had never tried a scrub like this.
The boxes were cute and even though my bathroom was its home for some time now, neither the pack nor the writing vanished. The box has 225 g of scrub and doesn’t occupy much space.

The peeling is supposed to use the sea crystals, blackcurrants and caffeine to hydrate, regenerate and leave the skin smooth. A nice bonus was that it has effects in the treatment of cellulite. You have to apply it on your wet skin and massage it aright. Probably the massage part benefits the skin and has a connection with anti-cellulite fight.
The substance is of a violet-pink with tiny black spots that are the seeds of the blackcurrants. The peeling, taking into account that it has salt, it’s very easy to apply and isn’t harsh on the skin. For me, the best quality this product has it’s the smell. It smells so good that you’ll take your time to admire it.

Another thing I appreciate about it is that after using it and getting dried, the skin is indeed hydrated and smooth. I’m picky when it comes to body lotions and all creams that have the purpose to hydrate any other part than the face, but with this peeling I didn’t even feel the need to apply anything else.

All things have a bad part and this peeling is no exception. However, it’s not as bad as it looks. The only problem is you have to be careful how much product do you use; the rinsing can be a caring job. It takes a lot of water, but you get more time surrendered by that awesome smell and we all know aromatherapy relaxes a person. So instead of seeing it as a waste of time, try and think of it as a way to spoil yourself.

Will I ever buy it again? Probably yes, I mean it’s not a permanent product among my store’s Cien stand, but if it’ll ever come back, I’ll buy it again. If the scents are the same as this time then my choice would still be this one, with the blackcurrant and caffeine because the other ones aren’t my personal preference. If they decide to test some new types then salute Cien!

Until next time, take care of yourself and your skin.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sheet masks I bought from Aliexpress

Sheet masks have been very popular lately and who can blame them? They’re so easy to use and convenient. And there are so many out there, who knows which one to use?

It was only a matter of time since Aliexpress would bring a variety of sheet masks to the people. I found a store and ordered some masks, got lucky and received them. Don’t remember the name of the store, but they were friendly and did their job. Even put me something extra in the package, some type of hair holder. It was cute to see how some suppliers are so kind and others were so mean, that was one if not the main reason I closed my account there, but will talk about that later.

The majority of masks were from Bioaqua, a brand chart-topping on this site. The types I bought were face masks, eye masks and lips masks.

Speaking of the face masks, they were fine, had more than enough substance and had a nice, calming smell. Neither of them irritated my skin or had any other negative effect. The size was a bit large for my face. Whatever it was rose essence or honey, they made my skin more hydrated, at the surface. They have a medium performance in terms of hydrating your skin so don’t expect a full, deep hydration. The substance, however, it’s just too much to use one time.
The eye masks were a gift to my mother. She used it a couple of time and they had a similar effect, they hydrated the skin but didn’t do wonders. Not that we’d expect, but when you read their description you found so many wonderful capacities and butterflies and unicorns that just raise your expectations.

The lip masks were fun to wear and I used them in a period when I really needed it, after a cold. It has the consistency of a jelly sheet, covers the mouth entirely, no matter how your lips are. To be honest, my lips were in a bad shape then and I used on top of this lip mask lip balms so can’t really say if they recovered because of it or not. It certainly did help, but can’t say for sure to what extent.

The negative part is that I couldn’t read the ingredients and their labels were just nonsense sometimes. Sure, the price was incredible and they were delivered, but this uncertainty, not really knowing what I use is enough for me to stop buying them. Not to mention that when I ordered other things, not cosmetics, they didn’t come and some of the suppliers were totally rude. I deleted my account on Aliexpress as a way to stay faithful to my belief. Skin care is important and if you’re not 100% sure about a product don’t use it. Believe in your instincts.

Until next time, take care.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Cien Refreshing Facial Wipes vs Cien Tropical Summer Facial Cleansing Wipes

Began using facial wipes not long ago because they are convenient in removing make-up faster. Firstly I bought the standard version from Lidl, the Cien Refreshing Facial Wipes for normal & combination skin. A few days later I saw they even had a summer edition and decided to buy them too and see which one was better.

Both contain 25 pieces and as I was writing this I was reading their packages and stumbled upon something both curious and upsetting. Another similarity they have is that they are both meant to remove waterproof mascara, a test I had them take. After I used the Cien mascara, I used them to remove it and they both did a pretty good job. 

While I was reading the ingredients and I saw that they were way too similar. Both of them contain almond oil and vitamin E and state they don’t have any alcohol and dyes. This raised my suspicions, could they be the same thing, only different package?

So I began searching for differences. The summer edition also has aloe vera and bisabolol, an ingredient used for calming the skin, especially the sensitive one. The thing that attracted me towards the summer edition was because I had a pleasurable experience in the past using the scrubs

They clean decently the skin and leave it smooth. Of course, this is just a step in the cleaning process of the skin, but it’s a step that can make more enjoyable. The packages have good dimensions and are practical. 

If I had to choose it wouldn’t be based on their power of cleaning, but on the smell. While the standard version has a nice, calming smell, remembering me of the Cien cream, the summer edition is more extravagant and has a strong dark berries smell. So for me the winner is the summer edition. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to use them both.

Until next time, take care of your skin.