Sunday, June 30, 2019

DM Balea Face Masks

Is it really possible to go to DM and exit empty handed? Don’t think it happened to me yet so I don’t believe it. My last visit there resulted in purchasing those two face masks.

In terms of price, they were cheap and even though I bought two types, I think I saw other types as well. My visit there was in a rush; I had to meet with a friend and didn’t pay much attention. Sorry! However, my face mask storage needs to always be full, it makes me feel like I take care of my skin even though I don’t use them as often as I should be.

The package is simple, colorful and is divided in two parts (2x8ml) so you don’t waste product. The product in one part is enough to use it twice, but I wouldn’t recommend leaving it opened. I use it with my mum so it’s okay. Invite your friend and take a break to spoil yourself and catch up on some gossips.

From their list of ingredients, we can see that it contains coconut oil (to my shook), almonds, berries, cranberries and quinoa to help your skin fight all the bad influences it encounters on daily basics. It doesn’t say anything about hydrating. Luckily for me, the coconut isn’t noticeable; the smell of berries overpowers it.

The other mask, the one with milk and honey claims to help skin recovering from stress, smoothen it and hydrate it. This is the one I’m currently using, on this Sunday morning. Is there a hour you have to use them? I don’t think so.

The one with milk and honey hydrates better indeed. Let them act for 10-15 minutes and then remove the excess with a tissue. It can feel a bit oily, but it’s not exaggerating. Don’t expect hydration on deep levels. They are comfortable to use and have nice smells. Comparing them, the one with berries is refreshing but at the same time heavier. The yellow one is more calming and nutritious, but it ultimately depends on everyone’s taste.

Would I buy them again? Probably not but not because they aren’t acceptable. It’s not you, baby, it’s me. I know there are so many masks to try out and I don’t want to stop exploring. They weren’t the worst I tried so far and I’m glad I have them on my collection.

Friday, June 28, 2019

June's favorites

June is over in a couple of days already. If you survived the hot weather, take a look at this month's favorite products.
These are the products I enjoyed:

Cien Matte Powder;
Rimmel London Magnif'eyes Jewel Rocks;
A cute lip balm that I bought from Aliexpress and has a flower in it.

That is all for now. Take care of yourselves. 

5 reasons why you should wear make-up and take better care of your skin in general

Let's not be cynical, psychical appearance matters, it always does. And it's not about the times when you go to carnivals or Halloween, but the every day look, how do you want people to see you? Many people judge the girls who wear too much make-up, but babe, if they feel so pretty and fierce with it, what's your problem?
Now, let's see the benefits of wearing make-up and having good care of your skin.

1. Boost your confidence
It's all about working with what your mama gave you. You simply enhance the beauty mother nature has given to you. And when you see the beauty in you, others will do too. It's not about heavy, perfect make-up, even a minimal look can give a lot of strength. Because your skin is glowing, so should you. 

2. Pay more attention to details
When you pay attention to every inch of your face it's natural you'll notice every corner and shadow. You find out your face is asymmetric and love yourself regardless, but more than that, you'll see faster little details. Soon after you'll start seeing those parts in other women and appreciate their beauty. "Wish I had a nose like that", "That eye shadow suits her so nice.", "Wish I had lips like hers." we are capable of saying things like that because we pay attention. You can also develop skill and precision if you apply make-up constantly.

3. Know yourself better
Using all your senses you'll find more about what you like and don't like. As I said in the beginning, appearance matters and not only for humans, but for product too. There are so many beauty products with cute designs or opposite, something to make you feel classy and mature. Your choice. You'll know to identify more textures, ingredients, color, scents; it's a whole universe to be discovered and so close to us. Getting to know what suits you best is also something to take into consideration. 

4. It's a lifestyle
Here I'm talking more about the skincare. Because you develop a routine, you tend to be careful about certain things that affect your skin. So you start drinking more water, exercise and read labels. Don't laugh, it's a necessary thing if you want to protect the animals. Skincare means taking care of your body and mind more. A clear complexion and glowing skin aren't a caprice, but a necessity. 
Make-up can create the illusion of perfect skin, but it can't do miracles. Have in mind that at the end of the day, make-up is washed away, but if your skin is healthy then you don't have to worry about popping out in front of your crush because you'll be the one crushing him/her with your natural beauty.
And even when we are talking of make-up, there are so many girls that uses it, it's impossible not to make a friend or two. Sharing the same interest always brought people together. Either you gossip about the new arrivals of your favorite store or criticize some products, there is a bond between ladies that can't be broken. The beauty community is larger than you think.

5. Spend quality time with yourself
When you apply make-up or put a mask it's just you and, well, you in the mirror. You think about your day or your face, but the most important thing is that for those moments you're the most important one in your life. You can always count on yourself before others so it's good to pamper yourself a bit. Looking in the mirror will facilitate you getting used to getting older for example. Making your identity stronger and your face known isn't a sign of showing off, but embracing who you are. 

It is not about being shallow and not know life in deeper levels, but wearing make-up and taking care of your skin helps improving your life. Of course you waste time at first, but practice makes perfect and when you'll have a certain level of skills, then nobody is going to prevent you from shinning. 
More than that, if you're not honest with your make-up then it's not really going to work. No matter what you wear, you have to feel good about yourself. 
This post was an idea given to me by my old friend, Florin, you can see his blog right here! He began doing some guest posts with "5 reasons why" and I thought I should give you my opinion on why I use make-up and insist on taking care of the skin. 

PS. Don't worry, M, my morning routine is coming soon. :P

Saturday, June 22, 2019

My morning routine and what products I love using

First of all..shame, shame..shame for me because I haven’t wrote a blog post since..ages. I will not try to find excuses, I just haven’t  wrote anything in the last period of time. But, as summer has come I got inspired by ‘minimal’ in every area that I can think of: clothing, makeup, skin care, hair care, nails,body.
And I have decided to write about my minimal lifestyle journey here, in a few blog post.
To start with, I will tell you about my morning routine and some products that I like to use. 

Firstly, I take a shower in the evening, just because I am not a morning person and also I got use to it in the evenings, otherwise I can’t sleep. So, not much for my body care in the morning, just the necessary hygiene things. Then, for my face, I just refresh it with cold water and rinse the excess with a towel. Some days, when I feel my skin is a little greasy I clean it with the Vichy Normaderm cleansing gel, which really deserves a full blog post, because it is amazing! Then I usually brush my teeth and that is mainly it.
Moving on, I start applying make-up. And, as I have told you earlier, in the summer I tend to opt for a minimal, fresh make up. I discovered the MAC strobe cream, which is a really nice base for my makeup and it gives my skin a natural pinkish glow. Then, depends of the state of my skin I apply a BB cream, CC cream or a foundation. My current favorites are: Bourjois bb cream and Maybeline Affinitone Foundation. Then I fill in my eyebrows with that nice gel from Essence.
Sometimes, when I am it a mood , or I wear neutral colored clothes, I like to apply a messy line of blue or green eyeliner. I love that green one from Essence , but also the blue from Oriflame.
I stopped using mascara in the last few weeks, and honestly just because, at the end of the day I am to bored to remove it J)
I usually do not use a powder, but I should start using one, because my skin starts to get really oily during the hot days. So, any recommendations, I am happy to try J
I like to apply a little bronzer on the high parts of my skin, where the sun would kiss it.
Finally, I apply some lipstick. Usually I am on a rush, and also, during the day, I just have to much work , so I don’t have time not even to think that I have lipstick on my lips, so I prefer applying in the morning some kind of lipbalm, or a little mate lipstick that give me some color.
And, that’s it. I do nothing with my hair in the morning, not ever brush it. Maybe I just go with my hand through it to bring back the volume.
When I feel like..I wanna attract today, I apply a little bit of my favorite summer perfume, Naturelle by Yves Rocher.

Et voila… I am good to go!

Alexandra, what is your morning routine?

Coming up next, my night time routine. Stay tuned.


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sleek Matte Me Ultra smooth matte lip cream

Got this as a present from my make-up gorgeous partner and friend and I’m reviewing it just now because I’ve been using it more lately. Cute packaging, nice formula and beautiful color, what more can you ask? Sounds perfect, right? Now, let’s find out what secrets is this little thing hiding.

The shade I have is Petal and I saw on their site that they have 20 shades available, a pretty vast range of choice.

The 6 ml package is, from the visual point of view, classy and even though it has the black cap, it makes every shade look elegant. Besides that, it is resistant, the edges were untouched after surviving in my purse, the writing was also intact, nothing to complain about. The applicator is firm; it takes a little practice to get the fine lines, but it is more than acceptable.

They promise a long lasting color throughout the day, but that only happens if you don’t eat, drink water, kiss, etc. You got the idea, if you stay like a doll all day then any lipstick would last. This one lasts more, but it’s not any lipstick, I mean Sleek has stepped up their game and we expect nothing less.

The formula is airy and has a nice feeling without excessively drying the lips. What they said was true; you don’t really need a second coat. The first contact with the lip cream will be surprising because it has a brighter color and you’ll think “What have I done?”. But as it dries you’ll get the wanted color, don’t worry. I like to apply a layer than even it with a brush or simply with my fingers. You have to do it quick, before it dries. Of course, you could touch it up after the first coat, but it implies the second coat and it could get messy. The chances for it to cake and flake rise, so it’s better to keep it minimal. It also depends on your style.

When I first saw the color I thought it was a perfect shade to wear in the winter, when my skin is paler. Didn’t think it would fit my caramelized skin that I get as soon as the sun is more powerful. But guess what? It does suit me and that’s great. You don’t have to be limited if you have a certain skin color. Make-up should be limitless.

Would I buy it again? I would, but I’d like to try a different color. Don’t get me wrong, this color is beautiful, but they have so many choices and girls just wanna have fun.

Embrace color and have a beautiful day.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Essence Plumping Nudes Lipgloss

You know the feeling when you see a really really cute product and you think "Nah, I already have enough lipsticks."? But you end up buying it anyway because you can't resist it. That was the case for me and this lip gloss.

Usually they are not my favorite, they just fade away so easily and fast and are never in the shade they are portrayed. Like never. And that's a pity because you have certain expectations when you buy something.

The picture isn't something you'd usually see on this blog, it was just a random pic to celebrate Friday and I had no idea it would be so handy one day. Two weeks ago I purchased this lip gloss and a big part of my decision, besides the price, was the aspect. They are simply beautiful and classy. Little did I know the reason why I bought this would vanish so quickly.

The lip gloss itself is nice, they had a wide range of nudes, all with sassy names like: 01 xxl charm, 02 big softie, 03 she's so extra, 04 that's big, 05 bold love, 06 big bang and 07 so heavy!. Who wouldn't fall for something so playful?

It lasts to some extend, better than any lip-gloss I've had so far. If you use a bit of foundation prior to application then you get the shade approximately. Does it make your lips look plumper? I would say yes, but then again any lip gloss does that. In my opinion it has something to do with light reflection and because they seem to transcend the lip boundaries.

The shades are natural and provide the means for that kind of look. However, the coolest thing about this lip gloss is the cooling effect. It's a joyful sensation and it lasts a while, just enough to enjoy it and not become annoying. At least you'll have the feeling of plump lips.

Now, let's get to the dirty business. Everything was fine, I was getting used to the transition from matte to glossy, from lipstick to lip gloss and then the disaster happened. Even though I bought it two weeks ago, I didn't use it so often and tried to conserve it at its best for when I'll do the proper review. And one happy day I decided to write about it and got it off my bag and the shock came. Nearly all the inscription on it, even the label were practically vanished. There is only a bit of the golden design left as you can see in the picture below.

Can't express my condolences for the pretty glamorous design. I started to panic because I knew I can't post a picture with a product looking like that. Luckily, I remembered I had that picture to show to you how that lip gloss looked in its original state. Don't imagine my bag has rocks in it, but I guess it's just like any other normal lady's bag. Maybe Essence should have considered making a special case for them, how cute would that be? Like mini-coffins for lip glosses or let me use the term tiny boxes not to spook you. Just a subtle suggestion, Essence.

How should I wrap this up? The product was great, it just had a big disappointment attached. Would I buy it again? Can't really say that and it's not just because of what happened with the package. Lip glosses tend to last longer as a product, but we have to comply that everything has good and bad parts.

Happy weekend, dears!